Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are a recruiting company that aims to employ quality professionals in well-fit jobs. Since our beginning in 1985, our team at Professional Recruiting Consultants, Inc. specializes in the identification, selection, and recruitment of professionals in a multitude of niche industries. With over 30 years of experience as staffing consultants, we pride ourselves on matching companies with the best and brightest candidates. With state-of-the-art recruiting resources and technology, and through thorough and careful candidate sourcing, our online job recruiter will match your requirements and corporate culture with the candidate’s experience and career objectives. Our management team will work together with you through the entire recruitment process to find the perfect candidates for your jobs.

Why work with us?

Filling a job can be a costly, timely, and tiresome process. By using the professional recruitment services at Professional Recruiting Consultants, Inc. you can let us do the work to quickly find the best-fit candidates for your open positions. Our decades as a successful recruitment firm have led to countless connections and resources that allow us to find the top tier candidates you are looking for.