5 Tips to Make Your Job Search as Efficient As Possible

Looking for a new job can be a daunting, overwhelming task – even for the most motivated and organized job seekers.  There are so many important things to consider when choosing where to place your efforts and more times than not, the energy sees little results.  The good news is that there are little housekeeping things you can be doing along the way in your search that will increase your chances of success.  Here are 5 tips to make your job search as efficient as possible:

  1. Make your resume as strong as it can be.  Hiring managers and human resources personnel could be looking through countless of resumes per day and you definitely do not want to get lost in the crowd.  If you have exceptional experience, talk it up.  Do not be afraid to brag about the great things you have accomplished!  Also, make sure someone else besides yourself who has a professional background is proofreading your resume.  A second or third set of eyes will be able to see the flaws and weaknesses you might naturally overlook.
  2. Use your preexisting network to your advantage.  If you have connections already made that could help further your career, utilize those before going into your job search blind.  According to a LinkedIn report, 70% of people were hired at a company where they had a connection.  You could send out messages and emails to these people informing them that you are looking for your next job opportunity and ask them if they have any suggestions for you or know anyone that is hiring.  You would be surprised how much people really want to help others.
  3. Update your LinkedIn account and any other professional profiles you may have.  Make sure that your most recent experience is listed along with all of your accomplishments.  Also, a professional picture would only help grab the attention of a hiring manager even more.  Once you have a face associated with your name, you are instantly easier to remember.
  4. Double check your social media accounts.  Everyone knows social media is a place to express yourself and show off your social life, but hiring managers do not want to see anything that demeans you as a person.  If your profile is not secure, make sure you are not using swear words, posting any racy pictures, or doing anything that is controversial on your pages.  Companies oftentimes Google Search a candidate before hiring them, and even sometimes before contacting them for the first time.  You do not want your social media getting in the way of your success, it is simply not worth it!
  5. Contact a recruiter!  A recruiters’ job is to get you a job so why not utilize that service?  In our large network, we have the resources and connections to find you a position that could best fit your experience.  Also providing you with interview advice and consolation when needed, essentially we are your biggest cheerleader!  Submit your resume on our website, or email it to recruiter@prcstaffing, or just give us a call sometime.  We are here to help.