How to Properly Ask for a Raise

The time has come – either you have been with your company for a good amount of time or you feel your work is worthy of more compensation than what you are currently receiving.  Let’s talk about that raise. 

Now, many shudder at the idea of having to go through this moment with their superior, but there doesn’t have to be so much anxiety and pressure put into asking for your well-earned money.  It all comes down to knowing your worth and whether or not you feel that the work you are putting out is being fairly rewarded.

So, before you head into your boss’ office, ask yourself these few questions and write down your thoughts:

  • When was the last time I got a raise?
  • Has my workload increased/decreased recently?
  • What valuable things do I contribute to my job?
  • Is my case strong?
  • Is this the right time?

Once you have these questions answered and you still feel you qualify for a raise, it’s time to do the deed.  The timing is everything so make sure your boss isn’t overwhelmed at the moment or approaching any deadlines that may make having this talk with you a burden to them.

Next, make sure you practice your approach either to yourself or with someone else’s ears.  The key is getting to the point quickly enough while avoiding weaknesses in your argument.  Confidence is key but make sure you do not throw in any ultimatums or complaints.  Put yourself in your boss’ shoes so that you can do your best at engaging them.

Then, make sure you look to the future in your pitch for a raise.  Lay out all the things you have accomplished but then go into what you hope to do in the future at the company.  Consider how you will be making their life better in addition to the company’s.

If you have done all of these things and your raise is granted, then congratulations!  But if the answer is no, are there any benefits that you would take as an alternative compensation?  Also, ask your boss what tasks you should complete and what they would be looking for from you in order to achieve a raise in the future.  This will help you gauge their standpoint on the matter while also helping you determine your next move.