Is your job affecting your mental health?

You’ve heard it before – deadlines, proposals, interviews, traveling, all put a toll on your mind and body.   While jobs are essential to life, providing you with the money to survive and do the things that you enjoy, there comes a time when your work could be doing more harm than good.  That is why it is very important to be in a job you genuinely enjoy, succeed in and can see yourself growing.

A few signs that you may be in the wrong job and could use a healthy change are:

  • Your job doesn’t use your natural abilities.
  • You no longer believe in the company’s vision.
  • You don’t feel your work is being valued.
  • Your “itch” for a new job is overwhelmingly strong.

If you are experiencing any or most of these symptoms, it might mean it’s time to make your next move.  Most of your life is spent at work so it only makes sense that you should enjoy it!

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