4 Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

business man nervous - online job recruiterA job interview can be an incredible stressful experience. One misstep can be the difference between landing that dream job and getting rejected. But it doesn’t have to be. The most important thing you can be in an interview is confident. The next thing you need to do is avoid these mistakes:

Not Doing Your Homework

Always research potential employers before stepping into an interview. This is one of the most crucial aspects of applying for a job. The interviewer will almost always ask you a question that is either about the company directly, or which requires some knowledge of the company to answer adequately. This is an incredibly common mistake that potential hires make, but it is also the easiest mistake to avoid. Just do your research and you will ace this portion of the interview. Visit the company’s website and read through their “About Us” page. You should also check their social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter if possible. Here’s what you should look for:

  • A Mission Statement – What is the company’s ultimate goal? Learn it, and use your answers in the interview to show that you not only understand it, but embody its message.
  • Basic info – Basic info relating to the company history is helpful to know, because it can give you some insight on what the employer is looking for. Displaying this knowledge also shows how prepared you are for your interview.

Playing Dirty

It is very tempting to speak ill of previous employers – but avoid it at all costs. Not only do you incur the potential risk that your interviewer knows your previous boss, but you will also show your employer that you handle conflict poorly. Badmouthing your previous boss or coworkers give the interviewer the impression that you do not work well with others. Instead, focus on how you overcame challenges in the workplace without speaking poorly of others. Show a sense of ownership over your work. It also helps to bring up instances where you helped a coworker who was struggling.

Giving Vague Answers

In an interview your goal is to show your employer why you are a good fit for the job. Being wishy-washy in your answer shows both a lack of confidence, and a lack of preparation. Be prepared to answer commonly asked interview questions, and make sure your answers are factual, to the point, and concrete. If the employer asks what your strengths are, you need to be specific. It helps to have examples from previous jobs prepared for these types of questions.

Not Making Use of Professional Recruiting Firms

Submitting your resume to professional recruiting firms like Professional Recruiting Consultants, Inc. can go a long way towards securing your next job. We pre-screen candidates before matching them with employers, so the interviewer will already know that you are qualified for the position. This gives you the opportunity to shine in your next interview without worrying about the employer finding holes in your resume. Submit your resume today and find the career you’ve been dreaming of.