Questions You Should Ask in an Interview

business woman – online job recruiterIn today’s competitive job market, simply being qualified isn’t enough. Even if you graduated at the top of your class with an advanced degree, you still have to prove your worth to a potential employer. The amount of young people going to college for niche fields has risen, so chances are there is at least one other person, if not several, walking into that interview with the same qualifications that you have. How will you prove that you are more suited to the job than them? The answer lies in your interview skills – ace the interview, get the job.

One of the best ways to shine in an interview is to ask the right questions. You already know, on a basic level, what the interviewer will ask you, but it is often the questions you ask that say the most about your ability. But don’t just ask any old questions – what you ask says a lot about you:

  • It says that you’re confident.
  • It says that you’re committed to the job before you’re even hired.
  • It says that your desire to embody what the employer is looking for.
  • It shows a sense of ownership over your work.
  • It says I’m ready for the challenges ahead.


But What Questions Should I Ask?

The questions you ask your interview should accomplish a goal. You are showing your employer all of the things above, and you’re also preparing yourself for entering this position.

  • Ask about the job – Questions like “In what areas does your team need to improve?” tells your employer that the qualities and traits you bring to the team will give it strength in areas where it may be weak. It also shows your employer that you are not only willing to work on a team, but are putting the interests of the team as a whole ahead of your own. This works so much better than simply telling an interview that you are a “team player”. They’ve heard that one before, you need to show it, not say it.
  • Ask about the interviewer – Ask the interviewer what they like most about their job, or what they think makes the company great to work for. It shows your confidence, and it also shows that you are excited to begin work.
  • Ask about yourself – A question like “Do you have any concerns about my qualifications?” will show that you are open to taking constructive criticism and applying it – an important quality in any candidate. It also gives you an opportunity to put any hesitation on the part of your employer to rest by filling in any gaps they might see in your resume.

There are many more questions that you can ask in order to make a memorable impression in an interview. The best way to strategize is to simply envision a goal you want to accomplish – the question should accomplish this goal. Be sure that your questions are not simply a way to initiate small talk, but show your unique qualities off to your interviewer.

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