One Interview Trick that Could Make All the Difference

You have all your ducks in a row – you edited your resume to mirror the company’s values, you showed up to the interview perfectly dressed and groomed, and you made a great impression on the interviewer. And to top it all off, your impressive degree makes you highly qualified for the position. The only problem is that the other applicants have their ducks in line, too. How can you possibly make yourself stand out from the other, equally qualified and likeable candidates vying for the same position? This one, simple trick can influence your employer’s decision to choose you over the competition.

Say Thank You

Yes, you read that right – say thank you. And that doesn’t mean adding “Thank you for your consideration” to your cover letter, or thanking your interviewer for the opportunity during the post-interview handshake as you walk out the door. You most likely already did those things, because you’re smart and you know what it takes to impress a potential employer. What you need to do to go the extra mile and ensure that your future employer will think of you fondly when making their final decision is send a physical thank you card or email after the interview concludes.

Make sure that you know your interviewer’s first and last name and can spell it correctly. Then, as soon as you can reach a computer or some stationary, craft your note. Thank them for the opportunity to interview with them, and express that you are looking forward to working with them in the future. Try to come off as natural – you don’t want this to sound like an impersonal, “fill in the blank” sort of note. It shows initiative, and a positive attitude – and it will help your name stick in your employers mind.

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